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Addons and UI

[Pinned] Useful Addons List

Hi All,I'll try a maintain a list of useful addons here, so if you have any suggestions feel free to post them in here or a new thread and I'll get them added below if they look good 😀Questing and LevellingQuestie - Questing guidehttps://www.curse...
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Gricey138Small Gricey 142d
Questions About Anything WoW Classic

What to do at 60 guide?

Anyone read any good guides on what to do when you hit max level?Like what rep to farm and how etc?
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Gricey4132Member avatar small Arnemann 132d


been blasting this banging ablum a lot recently, a few years old now, but class simple. But to the point 😬An iron fist in a velvet glove.Another vulture posing as a dove.Do you have no shame? Look at what you'v...
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CS Source


This saturday anyone fancy drinks on discord and a few games of CS Source?
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Levelling Guides

Hunter Basics for Fish

Here you go fish, at least check this basic one out 😀
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Gricey277Member avatar small Denver 138d
Levelling Guides

Priest Levelling

I've been following this one - when you hit around 20 and use the right talents it makes a massive difference using your wand as you don't have to drink after every pull.[url=][/url]
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Random Shite

Hazard Fell Asleep AGAIN

Haz, you fell asleep on Discord again last night man, it was class.... you were snoring like a pig so I removed you from the server 😀
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